Highlights 2017/18

Highlights 2017/18

Revenue –6.5 % EUR 2,072.6 m
EBIT +13.3 % to EUR 392.9 m
Group net result +1.4 % to EUR 254.6 m
Dividend proposal EUR  0.44 + 0.03  bonus dividend per share

Expansion of wind power – support for the system
conversion towards renewables

Expansion of wind power – support for the system conversion towards renewables

Wind power is the renewable energy form of the future. A modern wind turbine generates environmentally friendly electricity and – by replacing the fossil energy carriers used for conventional energy production – saves more than 4,000 t CO2 each year. In this way, wind energy makes an important contribution to the sustainable design of our energy future. And our home market in Lower Austria is an excellent location for its use. A number of regions in this province are among the best onshore sites in Europe. Today EVN is the second largest wind power operator in Austria: we have 19 wind parks (18 in Lower Austria and one in Bulgaria) with 139 wind turbines and a total output of roughly 318 MW. Our goal is to continue the development of wind energy in the future and utilise its full potential. The expansion

Consistent imple­mentation of our strategy with 49 MW of additional wind power capacity in 2017/18

of EVN’s wind power capacity in Lower Austria is, consequently, a focal point of our ambitious activities, and we have set a target to raise this capacity to a total of 500 MW over the medium term. In 2017/18 we set further milestones in this direction with the commissioning of two wind parks in Oberwaltersdorf and Sommerein and the acquisition of the wind park in Ebenfurth. The wind park in Oberwaltersdorf – with its 10 MW output – is located in the windy Vienna basin and, through its close proximity to customers in the greater Vienna area and the plants in the Industrieviertel area, is a perfect example of the effective regional development of this environmentally friendly resource. In Sommerein, ten wind power plants with a combined output of nearly 35 MW have been producing renewable electricity for roughly 28,000 households since summer 2018.

Important research findings
at the Prottes large storage battery

Important research findings at the Prottes large storage battery

The storage of electricity is a key requirement for the successful conversion of the system towards renewable generation. Together with research partners, we constructed a large storage battery next to our wind park and transformer station in Prottes to gain experience in this area. The battery, which was commissioned in November 2017, has since undergone numerous tests and trials which provide valuable information for our energy future. For example, we learned that a storage battery can equalise the voltage fluctuations in the local network that result from photovoltaic generation peaks at midday and higher demand in the morning and evening hours. Another test in Prottes evaluated whether and in what way large batteries can stabilise the network frequency in cross-regional network operations. The pilot plant was also successful in an extreme situation test – a so-called “black start“ in the event of a complete network breakdown. Wind parks need continuous electricity for their own operation and, when there is a blackout, cannot independently restore network operations. In a simulated complete network breakdown, the storage battery at the Prottes wind park successfully demonstrated its “black start capability” by successively restoring full network functions with only one wind power plant.

joulie – the innovative web-based
photovoltaic package

joulie – the innovative web-based photovoltaic package

Organising everyday life with just a few clicks has already become routine in many areas. We decided to join this trend and create new opportunities for our smartphone-, tablet- and PC-savvy customers to completely redesign and tailor their private energy supplies via app or internet. With joulie, we transformed this idea into reality during our 2017/18 financial year: under www.joulie.at, our customers can configure and order their photovoltaic equipment, heat pump or e-charging station comfortably and directly online. Once installed, the equipment can be easily controlled with an app. An online customer portal also allows for the paperless management of all data and documents. However, our joulie is much more than a simple web-based configurator or smart home app. Background tools ensure that high-consumption equipment is optimally supplied from the customer’s own solar power production and surplus electricity is fed into our network.

Largest cross­regional natural heat network in Austria

Largest cross-regional natural heat network in Austria

With the commissioning of a new connecting pipeline between our district heating supply areas in Mödling and Baden, south of Vienna, we created Austria’s largest natural heat network in January 2018. Eleven communities now receive optimised natural heat supplies over 150 km of pipelines from the three biomass heating plants in Mödling, Baden and Guntramsdorf. Sales volumes in the region total roughly 250 GWh per year, which represent supplies of environmentally friendly natural heat for nearly 30,000 households.

Key steps in favour of occupational safety and data protection

Key steps in favour of occupational safety and data protection

At EVN, we also regularly set internal focal points that reflect our self- image as a responsible company. One of these focal points in 2017/18 was the further improvement of occupational safety. Our company already holds a good position in Austrian branch comparison, but there is room for improvement according to international standards. We therefore approved a range of measures to strengthen the safety culture in our company and refine the tools for the identification and avoidance of hazards. The high point was the first EVN safety day in June 2018, where the Executive Board presented the new safety mission statement and EVN’s seven point safety strategy. Plans call for the organisation of a similar event each year to support the internal exchange of information and further optimisation. In the area of data protection, a massive undertaking that involved preparations by our experts in many di•erent departments over a period of two years was the implementation of the binding EU General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. Full compliance with the new data protection rules in all areas of our business from the very beginning was particularly important for us, especially as a company with a large number of customers – and extensive, often sensitive customer data.

Strengthening of network infrastructure –
backbone of the energy future

Strengthening of network infrastructure – backbone of the energy future

The EVN Group operates an electricity network with a length of 142,106 km and a natural gas network that covers 14,012 km. In total, we supply more than 3.7 million customers. The quality of this network infrastructure plays a decisive role when we want to guarantee reliable supply security for our customers over the long term. The current developments in the energy system are accompanied by major challenges – for example, the integration of many new decentralised production locations, the high volatility of renewable generation from the wind and the sun and a substantial change in our customers’ requirements through phenomena like e-mobility,

Sustainable pro­tection of supply security and network quality is our central strategic goal.

increasing population density etc. In order to also guarantee reliable supplies in this environment, we are making massive investments in the maintenance, modernisation and expansion of our networks. In the 2017/18 financial year alone we invested approximately EUR 150 m in the network infrastructure (electricity and natural gas) in Lower Austria. These projects covered the repair or new installation of roughly 1,052 km of pipelines and the upgrading of ten transformer stations to meet the latest technical standards. Since the construction of transmission lines always has an impact on the environment, we consistently ensure they are carefully embedded in nature.

The EVN Service Centre
family is still growing

The EVN Service Centre family is still growing

All our activities have one point in common: our customers and their needs. For that reason, top professionalism and maximum customer closeness have always been the guiding principles for our services and advising. An important part of this approach is formed by the EVN Service Centres, which give our customers easy, personal access to our broad range of services, o•ers and products “under a single roof“ at central locations. Our first customer centre opened its doors in Wiener Neustadt during 2011 and now provides personal advising and individual services to roughly 10,000 customers each year. Inspired by the very positive customer feedback, we created six additional service centres over the following years. After the redesign and modernisation of our customer shop in Wiener Neustadt during the past financial year and the opening of a new service centre in Bruck an der Leitha in autumn 2018, five further locations are scheduled to follow in the coming months.

State-of-the-art wastewater infrastructure for international customers

State-of-the-art wastewater infrastructure for international customers

There were also a number of interesting events in our project business during the past year: the largest project, without a doubt, was the new central wastewater treatment plant for Prague, which opened on Emperor’s Island at the heart of the Czech capital in September 2018 after a nearly three-year construction period. Roughly 15 million litres of wastewater are now treated here every hour. However, visitors to Emperor’s Island or the nearby Prague Zoo hardly notice a thing because the wastewater treatment plant operates underground, hidden below a park. Our German subsidiary WTE Wassertechnik, together with a partner, was responsible for the engineering, electrical and process technology for the entire plant. This project was a real test for our experts’ technical planning and implementation skills since the plant operations had to meet high standards for resource conservation and the optimisation of consumption. Additional challenges were created by the limited space available and the need for flood protection. All these issues were optimally mastered by our team – just the same as with many other projects in the past. Reports of other successfully commissioned projects also came from Macedonia, where we transferred three wastewater treatment projects to the municipal customers in 2017/18.

Safe drinking water supplies for Lower Austria

Safe drinking water supplies for Lower Austria

We also rely on the expansion and new construction of cross-regional connecting lines in the area of drinking water supplies as a means of continuously improving supply security. In regions with above- average hardness grades, we are using membrane technology to reduce the hardness of the water entirely without the use of chemicals. We are already improving the quality of drinking water by this natural method in three natural filter plants. The fourth plant of this type will be commissioned shortly, and further projects are in the planning stage.