Dear Shareholders,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Energy, water and life – our products provide security for the basic everyday needs of our customers, in our home market of Lower Austria, in our core markets of Bulgaria and Macedonia and, in general, in our projects in Austria and other countries. At EVN, we are fully aware of the high responsibility created by our activities.

Our customers’ everyday routine is, however, also influenced by another phenomenon: the spread of digitalisation and its increasing influence on all areas of our lives. And EVN is also keeping pace with the times because we want to give our customers – who have come to design many areas of their lives via smartphone, tablet, internet and co. – the opportunity to use our products and services in this same easy way. With joulie, an extremely innovative web-based photovoltaic and energy optimisation package, we introduced a new, highly regarded building block for the energy future in 2017/18. Preliminary research, planning, requests for offers, orders, contract conclusion and management – joulie provides all this comfortably and online for customers who want to convert their home into a modern, autonomous part of the “virtual power plant“ with photovoltaic equipment, possibly in combination with a heat pump, warm water boiler, storage battery or even an e-charging station.

The many aspects of our company‘s active interaction with the issues of digitalisation and the energy future are revealed when you remove and unfold the cover of this report: from the expansion of renewable generation to the above-mentioned smart products, intelligent networks and cybersecurity up to electricity storage, which represents an important key technology for the targeted system conversion and parallel protection of maximum supply security for our customers – you will find a great deal of interesting information on our ideas to these and other issues and on our offers for a future-oriented, sustainable energy system.

Our commitment to our stakeholders also covers future issues like the expansion of our own wind parks and our network investments to integrate the steadily growing volume of renewable generation – they not only guarantee supply security, but also make the energy future possible – as well as research projects that search for concrete solutions to the storage of volatile wind and solar electricity. We want to focus our corporate strategy on sustainable and responsible actions in an environment in which, for example, the reduction of greenhouse gases is a central social and political goal.

Thanks to our competent and motivated employees, EVN is very well positioned for the energy future. At the same time, we can build on our solid earning power and our stable capital structure in realising our strategies, ideas and visions. Our attention is also focused on the balanced use of funds. The careful use of our operating cash flow for investments that support our strategy will also protect EVN’s successful development in the future. At the same time, we want our shareholders to participate in our company’s success – and in the Group net result generated in the 2017/18 financial year. The Executive Board will therefore make a recommendation to the 90th Annual General Meeting on 17 January 2019, calling for the distribution of an ordinary dividend of EUR 0.44 per share as well as a one-time bonus dividend of EUR 0.03 per share.

Stefan Szyszkowitz
Spokesman of the Executive Board

Franz Mittermayer
Member of the Executive Board